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Investing in Accommodation Assets

Needs for residence and lodging have been diversifying with ongoing changes in the lifestyles of people, their family structures as well as in their economic and social situations. Amid such changes of social structures and needs, NAF defines real estate that is mainly used/may be used for residence or hotels (excluding for-sale residences) as "Accommodation Assets" and invests in two areas of "Rental Apartments" and "Hospitality Facilities."

Accommodation assets are defined as rental apartments, dormitory/student apartments,serviced apartments, senior residences and corporate housing. They do not include hotel properties.

NAF believes raising satisfaction of customers by responding to the diverse needs and wants of residents and users in regard to space and time of their stay is essential to maximizing the value of Accommodation Assets. NAF aims to secure stable income by managing Accommodation Assets appropriately, encompassing assets from rental apartments where people spend a relatively long time to hotels where people stay for short intervals.
"Hospitality facilities" collectively refers to assets in the four categories of dormitories/corporate housing, serviced apartments, senior residences and hotels.