Stakeholder Engagement

As a member of society that interacts with various stakeholders, NAF recognizes that we can conduct our own sustainable business activities by fulfilling our social responsibilities.
NAF will continue to promote ESG management while valuing the trustworthy relationships we have established with our stakeholders and meeting their expectations.

■ Diverse Affiliation and Collaborations with Various Internal and External Entities

(1) Unitholders and Investors
NAF strives to promote timely and appropriate information disclosure and dialogue with unitholders and investors to foster mutual understanding and trust through statutory disclosure materials such as securities reports, voluntary disclosure materials such as press releases, briefings for individual investors, and briefings for analysts, etc. In addition, NAF also makes efforts to disclose information on ESG management in response to environmental certification systems, etc.
* Please see Policies on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct established by the Asset Management Company.

(2) Tenants
NAF strives to implement disaster prevention measures by improving response times during emergencies and strengthening preparedness during normal times at rental apartments, the major assets for which it manages investments, in an effort to enhance safety and security of tenants. At the same time, NAF aims to improve customer satisfaction by enhancing the level of comfort of tenants and other users.

(3) Officers and employees
NAF recognizes that human resources are its most valuable assets and strives to create a friendly and healthy working environment in order for individual officers and employees to fully exert their capabilities as well as promote initiatives for human resource development through training support and other measures. In addition, NAF aims to improve awareness of sustainability by continuously providing training sessions and awareness programs for its officers and employees.

(4) Supply chains
In an effort to promote initiatives in its supply chains, NAF requires its property management companies and other business partners to understand and collaborate on its initiatives concerning sustainability and establish structures and implement measures for environmental and social considerations.

(5) Local community
As a member of the local community, NAF endeavors to contribute to the vitalization and development of local communities where the assets it manages are located.